General Company Background
Double E was incorporated in 1972. Its worldwide headquarters are located at 319 Manley Street in West Bridgewater, MA, USA. Most manufacturing is done at this location, but the company has other plants and offices around the world. Our United Kingdom facility manufactures standard products and has complete assembly and distribution capabilities.

The company has direct offices in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Mexico, and continues to be represented by agents all over the world.
Worldwide Sales and Service
Customer support is of utmost importance at the Double E Company. Our network of offices allows us to provide excellent service to domestic and international customers - we take pride in providing prompt, courteous attention to our customers’ needs. Our state-of-the-art computer systems allow us to instantly access customer histories and immediately retrieve shipping information, order status, and parts lists for any Double E product.

We stock most replacement parts and can usually ship standard items immediately. Even replacement bladders for standard air shafts can usually be assembled and shipped the same day. For our international customers, we assemble and ship many replacement parts from the United Kingdom to save time. All repairs can be done at our headquarters in the USA, and many can be done at our UK facility. This allows us to turn repairs around quickly and get the repaired item back to domestic and international customers extremely fast.
Lead Times, Delivery, and Warranties
Like our support for existing customers, our lead times on new orders are the best in the industry. Backed by more than 25 years of experience, we know your equipment and application. Our manufacturing process is efficient, and, with offices all over the world, we are able to distribute our products quickly.

We consistently meet scheduled delivery dates and provide comprehensive warranties. All of our products carry at least a one year comprehensive warranty. Our warranty on bladder shafts is the longest in the industry at two years. It covers everything, including bladder replacement. No other manufacturer offers a better warranty on their products than the Double E Company.
Evolution & Breadth of Product Line
The Double E Company is structured to exceed customer expectations. During our 35 years in business, we have developed a comprehensive product line that includes core chucks, core shafts, composite cores, core plugs, rollers, core cutters, roll movers, trim winders, reel spools.....all the accessories necessary to be a complete, one-stop resource for our customers. We've gained an intimate understanding of the paper, film, and foil industries and have designed products that solve our customers’ problems.