Expanding Core Chucks

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Expanding core chucks are used throughout the web converting and packaging industries to unwind and rewind web material. Core chucks usually expand to grip the inner diameter of a core to help control web tension.


With a wide selection available, Double E offers the right core chuck for your web converting application.

More InformationPlease click here to receive a quote. DF–2000 Torque-Activated Shaftless Core Chucks

DF-2000 Family of Core Chucks
  • Automatic torque activation – no side force needed.
  • Rolling friction inside the chuck ensures tight core grip in low or high tension applications.
  • Rolls can be run to the last wrap – no wasted web material.
  • Concentric expansion minimizes roll bounce and vibration.
  • Smooth jaws grip the core without damaging the core.
  • Core chuck won't damage core ID's so cores can be reused.
  • Step chuck accommodates different core sizes with no effort.

More InfoPlease click here to receive a quote. PC–4000 Pneumatic/Mechanical Shaftless Core Chucks

PC-4000 Torque-Independent Shaftless Core Chuck
  • Constant-grip operation.
  • Cores won't get stuck on the chuck because of positive lug retraction.
  • Consistent grip force regardless of torque magnitude or direction.
  • Slide-on adapters make changing among core sizes quick and easy.

More Info Please click here to receive a quote.DF-1000 Torque-Activated, Shaft-Mounted Core Chucks

DF-1000 torque activated shaft chuck assembly
DF-1000 torque activated chucking system for three-inch cores
  • Replaces antiquated and labor intensive “knock-in” cones, wedges, and manual core chucks.
  • Mounts on a through shaft, with a retractable roll collar supporting the roll at the opposite end.
  • For 3" cores (larger core sizes use DF-2000 through-shaft chucks).
  • No tools required for quick, 30-second roll changes.
  • Automatic, concentric expansion (activated by torque).

More InfoPlease click here to receive a quote. LC-1000 Latching Roller Core Chucks

LC-1000 Latching Core Chuck
  • Perfect for form, fill, and seal packaging, window patching envelopes, as well as tag, tape, and label production.
  • Easy roll changes in no time....without tools.
  • A simple twist locks the core in place, and a twist in the other direction unlatches the roll.
  • Mount in horizontal or vertical positions, cantilevered or on a through-shaft

More InfoPlease click here to receive a quote. UC-3000 Air-Inflated Bladder Core Chucks

UC-3000 Air Inflated Bladder Chucks
  • Core chucks mount on a core shaft to adapt to various core sizes.
  • Easy air inflation – chucks can be connected with an air hose to allow both chucks to be inflated at the same time.
  • Double E's unique polyurethane bladder resists abrasion, knife cuts, and stretching.
  • Less bladder stretching means easy insertion and removal from cores.
  • Lighter than other air chuck adpaters (usually 30% -50%).
  • Available for core sizes ranging from 3 inches up.