More information Rollers are used throughout the converting and packaging industries to unwind and rewind web material. We provide a number of various rollers particular to your application's needs and materials. With a wide selection available, Double E offers the right rollera for your converting application.
Carbon Fiber Roller
  • Carbon fibre rollers (composite rollers) are designed for reduced weight and high critical speed.
  • Lightweight, low-inertia idler rollers allow faster web speeds, reduce vibration, decrease waste, and improve product quality.
bowed rollers
  • Bowed rollers are used in the paper, film, foil, and textile converting industries to spread the web material uniformly in order to eliminate creases or wrinkles.
  • Useful in slitting operations to prevent interweaving of material.
  • Flange-mount and foot-mount models available.
  • Fixed bow or variable bow.