rewind stand
  • Pre-assembled shafted roll stand has a warranty as a package from one supplier. All components work together for optimal winding control without the hassle of installing each accessory.
  • Flexible design allows low costs for stands ranging from simple stationary unwind stands to more complex motorized rewind stands. Prices for new equipment from Double E are often lower than comparable used equipment.
  • Shafted Roll Stands can be configured for multiple web materials and/or paths for manufacturing flexibility.
motorized rewind stand
  • Rewind stands are designed for your specific application.
  • Stands can be configured for multiple web materials.
  • Accessories are provided and custom made for your stand.
  • Designed with motors, drive controls, and a fully integrated closed loop tension control system.
nip pull station
  • Set tension zones or master line speeds.
  • These stations easily synchronize with any section of the production line to help continue production at an even pace.
  • Use of induction motors or servo motors
  • Siemens motor drivers and controls
  • Custom touch screen programming
  • Adjustable nip pressure and options on nip roll coverings
  • Accommodate a large range of web widths and materials
  • Integration with your existing machine controls

More Info Please click here to receive a quote.Narrow Web Unwind / Rewind Stations

narrow web station
  • Easily mounts to any section of the production line.
  • Pedestal or flange mounting.
  • Manual, automatic open loop or automatic closed loop tension control.
  • Narrow Web Printing (add laminating, inspection, die cutting, etc.)
  • Textiles (add spools)
  • Form, Fill, and Seal Packaging
  • Envelope Production