DF-2000 Components

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  1. Teflon thrust washer helps to ensure free movement of chuck
  2. Custom machined mounting flange adapts chuck to any roll stand
  3. Smooth gripping jaws with large surface area provide no-slip grip on any core material without damaging cores.
  4. Rollers travel on hex cams with little friction to provide free expansion of jaws. Jaws grip effectively in light or heavy tension applications.
  5. Central hex.
  6. Spiral pin aligns end cap
  7. End cap
  8. Socket head cap screw.
DF-2000 Torque-Activated Shaftless Core Chuck
Features - Advantages - Benefits
Many advanced design features allow the chuck to improve effieciency, reduce waste, and save money. Click here
Extra Heavy Duty Long Chuck
Cure core tear out problems. Click here
Step Chucks
The easiest way to run multiple core sizes. Click here
Quick Disconnect Chucks
Another easy way to run multiple core sizes when step chucks aren't possible because of machine width constraints. Click here
Slide-On Adapters
An option for running various core diameters when roll weight doesn't exceed the base chuck specificiations. Click here
Core Kicker
Automatically ejects the core as the roll stand arms open. Click here
Shaft-Mounted Chucks
For through-shaft applications. Click here

torque activated chucks
PC-4000 Pneumatic/Mechanical Core Chucks
Constant grip shaftless chuck ideal in applications that use regenerative drives. Click here
DF-1000 Through Shaft Chucking System
Torque activated shaft-mounted solution for three-inch cores. Click here
UC-3000 Bladder Chuck Adapters
Air-inflated adapters mount on a shaft to allow running multiple core sizes. Click here
LC-1000 Latching Roller Chucks
Mechanically activated light-duty chuck deal for narrow web and packaging applications. Click here

DF-2000 Core Chuck - Features, Advantages and Benefits
Smooth Gripping Jaws Interior wall of core is not damaged. Multiple core reuse
Serrations are not used so dust is not created No maintenance or jamming, no contamination.
Torque Activation Extreme sidearm force not necessary Less core distortion and no end of roll waste
Rolls won't bow
Less roll stand fatigue; extended roll life
Patented Roller Design Reliable grip regardless of torque magnitude Run heavy and/or light rolls with any tension
True concentric expansion Roll bounce is minimized or eliminated
Easier to control web tension
Lubrication isn’t needed; dust won’t accumulate No jamming; chuck won’t get stuck in cores
Little friction inside chuck; less wear on parts Little, if any, maintenance and longer chuck life
Wide range of expansion Run butt rolls and rolls with core inconsistencies
Step Chuck Single chuck can run various core sizes Roll changes are effortless; even between sizes
Quick disconnect Chuck Interchangeable chucks mount to same plate on machines with width limitations One center bolt allows quick change to various core size
DF2000 EHDL extra heavy duty long chuck

DF-2000 EHDL (Extra Heavy Duty Long)

  • Largest contact patch area and highest torque holding capacity of any chuck on the market.
  • The EHDL is designed to grip more of the core which decreases the chance of core tear out.
  • Provides longer core life, saving time and cost.
DF-2000 Step Chuck

DF-2000 Step Torque Chucks

  • Ideal for applications that require the use of multiple core sizes and where roll stand width capacity is not a concern.
  • These chucks can be any size with the base chuck being the largest.
  • Step chucks incorporate all of the features of normally mounted DF–2000 chucks with the top chuck mounted on the base chuck in a Quick Disconnect design.
  • Top chuck may be swapped with any other size in a few minutes. If only two core sizes are being used, there is never a need to remove the top chuck.
DF-2000 quick disconnect chuck

DF-2000 Quick Disconnect Torque Chucks

  • Quick changes among a variety of core sizes.
  • Specially designed to be swapped on the fly, between rolls if necessary, with a single center bolt.
  • An adapter plate is required for mounting.
  • Best applied where roll stand width capacity is limited and changes of core sizes are frequent.
DF-2000 Slide-On Adapters

DF-2000 Slide-On Chuck Adapters

  • Chuck adapters are available in cases where multiple core sizes are used and quick changeovers are needed.
  • Roll weights are limited to the base chuck specifications.
DF-2000 Core Chuck with Core Kicker

DF-2000 Core Kicker Chucks

  • Automatic core ejection system.
  • This “Core Kicker” features a core ejection device which kicks the core off the chuck as the roll stand opens.
DF-2000 Through-Shaft Core Chucking System

DF-2000 Through-Shaft Torque Chucks

  • For core sizes larger than three inches. (DF-1000 chucking systems for 3-inch cores).
  • Chuck offers the same characteristics as all DF-2000 chucks, but mounts on a through-shaft in shafted applications.
  • The opposite end of the roll is supported by a retractable roll collar.

DF-2000 Synopsis

The DF-2000's patented torque-activated shaftless design has made it the world's most effective and best-selling shaftless core chuck. Six precision-ground steel rollers are mechanically linked to travel up and down bi-directional ramps created by the back of the jaws and the hexagonal cam. This rolling action minimizes friction while causing expansion and retraction of the chuck’s jaws.

As a result, the chuck can be used in the lightest to heaviest tension applications. The chuck’s mechanical design eliminates the need for the sophisticated and expensive plumbing associated with pneumatic or hydraulic chucks. Rotary unions are also unnecessary with the DF–2000.

There are other chucks which are based on the torque-activated principle, but they use “sliding friction” inside the chuck for expansion. These chucks can’t overcome the friction created by the roll weight to lift and center the roll. A non-centering action results, causing roll bounce and possible jamming. Furthermore, their serrated jaws damage cores and create dust, leading to higher maintenance and more downtime.